Chapter 12, page 87


When last we left our intrepid band, they were traveling down the Jarla River - Duane and Sette in pursuit of cruel Cutter and his Silver Weapon, and the Quigley's en route to a spot to fix their crippled transportation. Unfortunately they've run afoul of a mysteriously agitated crowd of storm elementals, but I'm sure it will be fine and no small children will drown.
So last week was horrible. I'm sorry it stopped the comic. I live in Central Florida and I'm sure you got sick of hearing about Hurricane Irma on the news, but man, it messed up my city a good bit, and I was without power for way too long. Everything's back to status quo now. I really missed you guys and the privilege of entertaining you a few times a week. You all honestly mean the world to me :) The comic shop's accepting orders again and, barring additional storm elementals humping in the Atlantic, I shouldn't imagine anymore interruptions for the remaining 13 pages of the chapter. Thank you for reading, my darlings! Next page on Friday.
-Ashley, 9/18/2017